Ninth and tenth grade A3 Instructors Molyneux, Crowell, Metzger, Ramirez combined their efforts to support their students in a joint inquiry project focused on the theme of Revolution. This project grew out of discussions around the design principles that A3, a small, arts-based learning community, is founded upon and the way that this approach to teaching and learning contrasts with programs at a traditional comprehensive high school. In this spirit, the digital storytelling project provided a means to explore issues and questions related to changing perspectives and cultural norms and the effort required to bring these things into focus.

Students worked in groups and chose a revolution for their research. They developed timelines, wrote biographies, scripts and monologues and drafted storyboards to support the creation of a three to four minute digital storytelling project. Expectations for the project included: describing the central issues and social context for the revolutionary activity as well as the relevant historical, political, cultural, literary and scientific implications of the revolution itself. Student work covered a range of topics, from familiar notions of revolution related to political topics to cultural shifts tied to personal, vocational and artistic pursuits.